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BIG Behavior Intervention Group

B.I.G. was developed in response to calls from parents, childcare providers, and teachers about children that are at risk of losing their childcare or preschool experience due to negative behaviors. B.I.G. is a research-based approach to skill development for children lacking in skills needed for school success. There is solid evidence that effective early intervention programs have the potential to prevent long-term negative outcomes if they are high quality and comprehensive. B.I.G. accepts referrals from parents, childcare providers and professionals providing services to children.

B.I.G. offers to the "team" of parents, childcare provider, and/or teacher:

  • Consultation and observation with parents and professionals
  • Formal and informal screenings of the child's behavior across all environmental settings

B.I.G. interventions include:

  • Action plans developed for each family
  • Resources and referrals
  • Observations of the child in their environment
  • Skill building activities
  • Understanding and addressing challenging behaviors
  • Collaborative problem solving

Behavior Intervention Group is a collaborative team of experts and resources including:

  • Early Childhood Family Education Staff
  • Early Childhood Special Education Staff
  • Childcare Specialist
  • School Psychologist

B.I.G is part of ECFE and ISD 728. Funding for the program is provided by Wright County Family Services Collaborative and ISD 728 Family and Children's Collaborative.

To make a referral to B.I.G., call the Early Childhood Family Education office at 763-241-3524.

"Since we have been a part of B.I.G., we are better equipped to respond to our son's personality and challenges. We can help him identify his feelings and we have all learned the skills to handle them better. We work together to minimize problems."

~B.I.G. Parent